A faculty member presents a student research with an award at the annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum.


What Faculty Gain: A Tradition of Undergraduate Research

Michigan State faculty have a long history of creating exceptional learning experiences for our students - including supporting undergraduate research and creative activities. A growing body of data indicates that students increase their knowledge and skills as scholars and develop a deeper appreciation for the research process. In addition, faculty report that their own scholarship and enjoyment of the research process increased when working with undergraduate scholars.

A Mutually Beneficial Experience for Faculty and Students

Over the past year, over 400 MSU professors provided research opportunities and one-on-one mentoring for outstanding undergraduate students. We invite you to join your colleagues in developing the next generation of scholars. Below is a sample of what MSU faculty reported were outcomes of their experience as mentors:

  • Faculty members reported being more productive.
  • Students contributed to helping the research team make significant strides.
  • Independent projects often served as pilot studies for future work.
  • Undergraduate participation contributed to increasing the faculty member's publication record.
  • Participants were smart, talented, and fun to work with in scholarly settings.
  • Faculty noted it was gratifying to witness the growth in confidence in students as they became more knowledgeable and gained a sense of belonging in the research effort.

Each year, hundreds of MSU undergraduate students and their faculty mentors collaborate on research and creative activities. The positive impact these experiences have on students, faculty, and the MSU community is significant and wide-ranging.