An undergraduate research discusses his findings with a faculty member at UURAF.

Finding Students

MSU's size can sometimes make it challenging to find qualified undergraduate students to assist you in your research efforts.  There are several ways to connect to students.


Venture is MSU’s on-line undergraduate research database. It’s a tool designed to connect faculty to outstanding students interested in pursuing research. It provides a convenient and easy way for faculty to post openings and to accept and manage applications for student research assistants. One can add or remove postings anytime. Faculty can designate someone else to manage projects for them.

Consider posting a project on Venture. It can broaden your candidate pool of student researchers. Students are looking to get involved but don’t always know which faculty members to approach regarding research opportunities. Students who visit Venture report that they are interested in seeing more projects posted. You can post a new project in less than 10 minutes


Recruiting students in your classes is another great way to find qualified student researchers.  Explain the type of research you are doing and tell students about the kinds of experiences they will likely gain.  To help manage applications, consider posting your project on Venture

Other Faculty and Academic Advisors

Also consider talking to your faculty colleagues and academic advisors for your program and/or college.  Many students interested in having a research experience are unclear of where to begin.  Students also may find approaching a faculty intimidating at first.  Consider asking colleagues if they might recommend any students in their classes.  Also talk to the advising office in your college.  Students may often talk to their advisors about faculty who might consider working with undergraduate scholars.  Some of our best students are still deciding on majors--and having a research experience may be just the learning experience they need to help them identify their interests and talents.