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2014 UURAF Grand Prize Winners Selected

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Mari Isa '14 and Joshua Drost '14 are this year's UURAF Grand Prize winners. Ms. Isa won for the humanities, social sciences, and communication arts and sciences category, while Mr. Drost won for the science and engineering categories. The UURAF Grand Prize is intended to recognize exemplary scholarly achievements by MSU undergraduate students. 

Mari Isa '14 (Human Biology and Anthropology) 
College of Social Science
College of Natural Science
Research Mentor: Dr. Todd Fenton
Published: May 21 2014

Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year Awards Named

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Natalie Phillips, assistant professor in English, and Christopher Waters, assistant professor in microbiology and molecular genetics, were both recent recipients of the annual Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year Award. Two awards are given each year – one to a faculty member representing science and engineering, which was given to Waters, and one to a faculty member representing the social sciences and humanities, which was given to Phillips.  This award recognizes MSU faculty members who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mentoring undergraduate researchers. The award is completely student-driven, as only undergraduate researchers can submit nominations and the University’s Undergraduate Research Ambassadors review and select the finalists. The awards were presented during the annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum on April 4, 2014.
Published: April 16 2014

2014 UURAF Breaks Participation Record

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The 2014 University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) broke a record for student participation this year, with nearly 660 students presenting 468 oral and poster presentations. Held in the MSU Union, UURAF provides students with an opportunity to showcase their scholarship and creative activity. Held each spring in the historic MSU Union, UURAF ("you-raf") brings together an intellectual community of highly motivated students to share their work with faculty, peers, and external audiences. UURAF provides a unique educational opportunity for aspiring researchers. MSU undergraduates gain experience in presenting their research, answer questions about their work from audience members and guests, and receive constructive feedback from judges. At the 2014 Forum, approximately 65 graduate student evaluators provided student presenters with additional opportunities to receive feedback. A complete list of award recipients is available on the bottom of the 2014 UURAF page.
Published: April 04 2014

UURAF this Friday

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The annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) will be held on 4 April 2014 in the MSU Union.  For more information about the event, visit the event website
Published: April 03 2014

UURAF In Less Than Two Weeks

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The Undergraduate Research office is busily preparing for UURAF. All programs submitted for UURAF 2014 have been assigned a presentation time and room location. Presenters should have received this information via email before spring break. If you did not receive this notification, please contact us. Students and research mentors can look up presentation times in the UURAF online directory by entering the last name of a presenter.  With nearly 700 students registered to present, there is little flexibility regarding schedules. Please note that we can no longer accommodate schedule change requests. For more information, please contact the Undergraduate Research Office at or 517-884-1559. 
Published: March 10 2014
Updated: March 26 2014

UURAF Registration Closed

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Registration for the 2014 University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) closed on Sunday, February 16.  The Undergraduate Research Office is currently reviewing submissions and scheduling presentations.  Presenters will receive their presentation times after spring break.  If you have a question about your presentation, contact us at or 517-884-1559.
Published: February 17 2014

UURAF Registration Closes 2/16

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UURAF registration will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 16. Visit the registration page to submit your presentation information.  You should immediately receive an email confirmation. If you have questions regarding registration, email
Published: February 14 2014

UURAF Registration Open

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Registration for the annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum is now open. Visit the registration page to submit your presentation information. Registration will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 16. UURAF 2014 will be held on Friday, April 4 in the MSU Union.
Published: January 13 2014

Featherstone Prize Nominations Accepted

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The Richard Lee Featherstone Endowed Prize seeks to identify the most outstanding graduating senior, based on the criteria below, and to grant an award to be used for "future growth and development, travel, graduate study, or meditation," to quote one of the Prize founders, Gerald Faverman. In 2014, the amount awarded will be $4,000.
Published: December 03 2013

Summer Research Opportunities Posted on VENTURE

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New summer research opportunities have been posted on VENTURE. Find internships in all disciplines through the National Science Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, and various institutions around the country.
You can also visit the URCA Opportunities page to see a list of summer research experiences. 
Published: November 19 2013