Hauwa Abbas headshot
My research is important because it is helping a community in need. When we conducted our research we made sure to gain the trust of the residents and in return we created a solution to help relieve them of the stress caused by the lead crisis. I benefited from this research by gaining in person experience on how to actively facilitate a research study, conduct focus groups, gather qualitative data, develop methods to improve the research and effectively communicate with residents.

Advertising, Management & Media

Research Topic: Food and Trust in Flint Graduation Year: 2017

Abbas' purpose of her research was to determine if incorporating a healthy diet can help mitigate exposure to lead among Flint residents impacted by the water crisis. Her research also involved determining if the trust levels of the residents had decreased since their exposure to lead. Working with a game design team she helped create an application (beta version) based on  data analysis for the residents affected to assist them in finding healthier alternatives.