Zahraa Al-Tameemi headshot
Doing research expands my understanding of a particular topic in a way that reading a textbook cannot. My favorite part about doing research is that it challenges me intellectually. I recommend for students to not be afraid to put themselves out there and look for opportunities early on in their college career because it will benefit you later on.

Integrative Biology

Research Topic: Spatial and Temporal Variation of Plant in Marginal Land Switchgrass Soils Graduation Year: 2020

Al-Tameemi’s research project was part of the bigger MMPRNT (Microbially Mediated Perennial Rhizosphere Nitrogen Transformations) project which was concerned with measuring and analyzing spatial and temporal variation of in nitrate and ammonium available for switchgrass in marginal lands. Switchgrass is considered an important biofuel crop candidate due to its low nitrogen requirement and high yield. Successfully growing switchgrass requires understanding of the amount of nitrogen available in the soil near its roots.