Parker Anderson headshot
Open up to the possibility of working in a field that may not be of immediate interest to you. I wasn't immediately interested in working in environmental science, but, it was easily the most fun and most important thing I've done so far in my college career.

Biomedical Laboratory Science

Research Topic: Rainfall Patterns Graduation Year: 2019

Anderson’s research focuses on examining the effects altered rainfall patterns have on soil bacterial production of the enzyme Nitrous Oxide Reductase. These altered rain patterns are thought to be the result of climate change. This research is important because it gives insight into the effects large scale agriculture is having on anthropogenic climate change, and vice versa. Anderson was able to learn more about the wider applicability of the techniques and subjects of study related to his major. Furthermore, he was able to gain a better understanding of working in the world of academia, and the daily lives of professional scientific researchers.