Katie Anderson headshot
My favorite part of the research experience was being able to choose the direction in which the research would go. I worked very closely with my mentor to cater the research to my interests so that I would get the most out of the experience. Do not be afraid to join a research project, even if it's not in the subject you're studying. I was able to work closely with my mentor and we were able to come up with a project that overlapped between our areas of study.

International Relations & Spanish

Research Topic: Trump Foreign Policy Rhetoric Graduation Year: 2020

Anderson’s research examined how and when President Trump discussed foreign policy and foreign actors in his public addresses during his first year of office. She conducted her research by analyzing President Trump's major speeches, remarks, and weekly addresses. Then, she compiled an original data set coded for foreign policy content, foreign actors mentioned, and references to prioritizing American citizens above citizens of other countries (i.e. "America First" rhetoric). This research is important because foreign affairs is a policy area in which the executive branch has an advantage: the president carries the most responsibility when it comes to determining if and how the United States interacts with foreign actors, with little oversight to prevent the president from doing and saying as they wish. Therefore, the agenda that a president presents to the public is the agenda that they have the power to realize in the international sector. Furthermore, examining what is said in public space highlights what the president would like the public to be aware of and focus on in regards to international affairs.