Alena Bowman headshot
My experience has taught me that seemingly small research projects can actually have a significant impact when you look at the big picture. I have learned a lot about geology, space exploration, microscopes, and how to conduct research with as little bias as possible.

Environmental Biology & Zoology

Research Topic: Surface Features of Sand Grains from the Saginaw Lowlands Graduation Year: 2021

Bowman’s research activity was part of a larger project relating to the surface features of sand grains and the conditions that formed them on Earth with sand grains and environmental conditions on Mars. The idea is that if the same surface features found in the Saginaw Lowlands are found on Mars, similar environmental conditions to those in Saginaw may have existed on Mars at some point (i.e. life). Once sand grains are brought back from Mars, or a strong enough microscope is sent to the Red Planet, her research will contribute to the discussion about the existence of water and/or life on Mars.