Sharon Carpenter headshot
I have benefited from research by getting experience in fisheries related research in both the lab and in the field. The location and people were my favorite part of my experience. I also liked working in the field the most which was mainly sampling and tagging bluegill.

Fisheries & Wildlife

Research Topic: Change in Bluegill Diet in Presence of Largemouth Bass Graduation Year: 2020

Carpenter’s independent research project was on characterizing diet differences in bluegill populations that occur at different densities and have a different predation history. She worked in the pond lab at the Kellogg Biological Station and sampled two man-made ponds that had a different predation history, one with and one without largemouth bass to characterize available resources and then dissected twenty bluegill from each pond to examine stomach content. The results will contribute to understanding how predication history can impact prey resource use and improve predictions about how alteration of ecosystems affects predator-prey dynamics.