Olivia Child headshot
I have gained a lot of new information for myself from the projects I have participated in, and it has given me a solid background on how to perform and present research to a scientific community. This will be extremely helpful to me later on, when I attend vet school and will need to perform more research of my own.

Animal Science

Research Topic: The Effects of Porcine Zona Pullicida (PZP) Contraceptive Vaccine on Equid Ovarian Activity

Child participates in Dr. Agnew's reproductive lab, where they focus on the development of contraceptives for exotic and wild animals. Zoos around the country submit their animals' reproductive tracts after surgery or necropsy. Her research on the porcine zona pellucida (PZP) vaccine is important because the wild horse population in the United States is considered to be above a manageable level, and she works to determine safe and effective ways to control this population, such as with the use of contraceptive vaccines.