Anna Chinnusamy headshot
By participating in research, I learn a great deal about the field I am researching in. Even though I do learn much in my classes, I apply everything I've learned in a practical, hands-on way. I have also learned much more about graduate programs and opportunities with my major through my research, and have had the opportunity to connect with very talented graduate students and professors


Research Topic: Effects of FosB After Chronic Stress Graduation Year: 2020

Chinnusamy’s project was an exploration into the effects of a family of proteins called FosB on the development and progression of depression and other mood disorders. Her research involves inducing chronic stress in male and female mice, mimicking the effects of chronic stress and its contributions to the development and progression of depression and mood disorders in humans. Techniques like immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Western Blotting were used to measure levels of FosB. Chinnusamy’s research helps us understand why certain mood disorders might occur in people and the mechanisms behind their development and progression. By understanding these effects and mechanisms more, we can understand how chronic stress contributes to the formation of these disorders in people, and how we can optimize antidepressants.