Anna Chinnusamy headshot
I really enjoyed how my graduate student left me to my own devices in the lab. She and my professor would give me guidance and tips but would let me lead my own research. A lot of it was trial and error but in the end I was the most knowledgeable person in my lab about the research I was doing.


Research Topic: Antimicrobial Films to Combat Listeriosis Graduation Year: 2020
Last year, Chinnusamy's research focused on the development of antimicrobial, 100% natural film made in the Biosystems Engineering Laboratory, and testing it in dairy product applications to see if it could be an effective food borne bacteria control mechanism. This year, her research will involve neuroscience and pharmacology, and how disorders like depression and anxiety affect specific hippocampal regions in the brain, as well as the role that drugs and addition play in them.