Katie Edwards headshot
To me, there is nothing I want to do more than, not simply learn, but learn how to contribute to the information already found in textbooks, and through participating in undergraduate research, I learned that I could take this passion and turn it into a career, thanks to the opportunities that participating in Undergraduate research has given me.

Psychology and Comparative Cultures and Politics

Research Topic: How Machismo Affects Mental Health in the Northern Andes of Peru Graduation Year: 2019

Edwards' focuses on mental health of women in Huamachuco, Peru, and how that varies with different levels of Patriarchal Influence. Social problems are unevenly distributed to the women of Peru—many are silent, with low self esteem. This inequality that women face, is a symptom of a culture that both permits and continues this treatment— a culture based in “machismo”. This research focuses on how to understand machismo, what factors are associated with it, and how to go about solving the  cultural dilemma.