Katie Edwards headshot
To me, there is nothing I want to do more than, not simply learn, but learn how to contribute to the information already found in textbooks, and through participating in undergraduate research, I learned that I could take this passion and turn it into a career, thanks to the opportunities that participating in Undergraduate research has given me.

Psychology and Comparative Cultures & Politics

Research Topic: Metaphoric Influence on Musician Movement Graduation Year: 2019

Edwards' is a senior studying Psychology and Comparative Cultures & Politics, with a minor in Cognitive Science. She has worked in many labs and is currently building on her past research looking into metaphoric influence on musician movement by starting the Narrative Listening Project with the TAP lab, which will look at whether people hear a narrative storyline when listening to a piece of music. She hopes to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology to practice and research as a Clinical Neuropsychologist.