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There is a high level of accepting failure which is abysmal, and there needs to be a paradigm shift to restructure the way in which Black male students can successfully achieve and thrive in school. Personally, I benefit from helping to construct this paradigm shift. I would encourage current students to reach out to faculty within their specific college or look on the website for undergraduate research at MSU.


Research Topic: Teachers’ Conceptions of Empathy in Professional Interactions with Black Male Students Graduation Year: 2019

Herd’s research examines teachers’ conceptions of empathy in professional interactions with Black male students. Teacher beliefs, including the tool of empathy, are invaluable to the academic progression of their students. When teacher beliefs are subjective towards a group of students in a negative connotation this plays a tremendous role in the adverse education of the student and an expansion of the opportunity gap. His favorite part of the research experience was the opportunity to analyze teachers’ strategies and then follow up with interviews in order to get their personal account on some of their methods they incorporate in the classroom.