Maddy Jenner headshot
I loved getting to know my colleagues and professors. I have had the opportunity to work with incredible people that have a love for science and I am more than thankful to have built personal relationships with them.


Research Topic: Tuning Hydrogen Bonding through Aromaticity Graduation Year: 2018

Jenner works in a research group that found a way to tune hydrogen bonding through aromaticity. Now that this relationship is well known,  it can have implications in different areas, such as refining how a drug would interact with proteins in your body.  This research group learns about topics that have never been discovered before. They learn on a molecular level so  that they can apply those concepts to larger scaled scenarios. Their research is also transferable to several  other fields of study besides chemistry. The research group Jenner works with also works with people in biology, physics, pharmacy, engineering, and statistics to make the science community more informed as a whole.