Katherine Magoulick headshot
Coming into college, not only was I not used to failure, but I viewed it as one of the worst things that could happen. However, my research has shown me that when I fail at something, it is not a tragedy. Rather, it is an opportunity to learn things and improve yourself. Without failure in my research I would have not learned nearly as many lab techniques or come up with as many interesting solutions. This change in my outlook has altered not only the way I conduct research, but the way I view life as well.

Zoology and History

Research Topic: Animal Species Recovery Efforts Graduation Year: 2018

Climate change, invasive species, and changes in human land use often lead to the destruction of natural ecosystems and a decline in animal populations. Conservation efforts and planning can help to rebuild these dwindling populations. Magoulick’s research focuses on animal species recovery efforts around the world. She hopes that her analysis and synthesis of information will help in creating guidelines for animal population and habitat recovery efforts for a wide range of species.