Yosh Mathai headshot
My favorite part about research is all the new research experiences that I get to partake in. Being able to use lab equipment that I would never use in any class, understanding what each step does, and ultimately working towards an end goal and draw a conclusion on the research that I have done. The entirety of the research experience is what I really enjoy.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology, Human Biology

Research Topic: Comparing Mitochondrial Genomes of Rhagoletis Flies Graduation Year: 2018

Mathai's research looks at the sequenced mitochondrial genomes of R. Zephyria (Snowberry), R.Mendax (Blueberry), and R. Pomonella (Apple) flies in the attempt to find differences within their mitomes that would help distinguish these files. The research was conducted through a fairly long process involving nextgen sequencing and computational analysis Once the samples are isolated, we use MSU's core genomics lab to perform next generation sequencing on our samples. The goal of this research is to provide an easier way to distinguish these flies in the agricultural industry, which can lead to saving substantial amounts of money.