Kasey Pham headshot
Research has taught me almost everything I know about collaborating in professional environments, presenting, and networking. I eventually decided to push my comfort zone by researching abroad in the Netherlands with the EuroScholars program.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology

Research Topic: Detecting Evidence of Interbreeding and Speciation in the Oak Chloroplast Genome Graduation Year: 2018

Pham's research is focused on understanding biodiversity in plants. the study of biodiversity is responsible for our preservation of species which have later been demonstrated to have important properties to humans, such as Pacific yew, which produces an anti-cancer compound. My research of fungal genes is mainly based on the reproductive cycle of the species that causes Fusarium head blight in wheat and other grains. This species is responsible for huge losses in cereal crop, so our understanding of its reproduction informs its management in  commercial sectors.