Jeremy  Rapp headshot
My passion for education has sky rocketed as a researcher in real research labs and my appreciation for learning has jumped. Seeing and meeting scientists who are world famous who share passions about similar topics as I do has been an incredibly inviting and encouraging.

Geology and GIS

Research Topic: Comparison on NASA MPL Grain Imagery to a Terrestrial Counterpart Graduation Year: 2018

Rapp's research focuses on the use of programming to process immense amounts of data with high precision in order to undercover subtleties of the landscapes around us that can go unnoticed or unappreciated. His interests involve investigating the accuracy of many remotely sensed map products that attempt to classify landscape by irrigation, as well as exposing the biases each map product may have for specific environmental conditions (i.e. rainfall, soil type, etc.), and on investigating the possible relationship between genesis soil on Mars and on Earth in a periglacial environment.