Lucas Werner headshot
Research has greatly improved my critical thinking and writing skills, as well as overall confidence. Taking on a solo project is difficult, but I have done enough with it that I feel confident in tackling new situations.

Biochemistry and Political Science

Research Topic: Combating Bacterial Infection in Humans Graduation Year: 2018

Werner and the researchers he works with plate pathogenic cells on soft agar swim plates, which create a random maze for the cells to navigate. They allow them to sit for a predetermined amount of time on the plates, and then  take cells from three different locations on each plate. The hope is that they can isolate a few different behaviors that the cells are exhibiting. They then follow the cells under the microscope using phase contrast and attempt to show differences in the selected behaviors. This research  is important because it will hopefully provide a novel way to combat bacterial infection in humans. Pathogens often penetrate the mucus layers in our gut and lungs to cause disease, and to do this they must swim. If researchers can stop them from swimming, then they are much easier to eliminate in a directed way rather than by total antibiotic shock.