What is the Undergraduate Research Experience Module?

The module is an on-line platform to track undergraduate research and creative activity across MSUs campus. Research and creative activities include anything a student works on under the guidance of a research mentor (faculty member, graduate student, post-doc, etc.) or completes as part of an independent study. Credit and non-credit bearing research or creative experiences can be submitted.

The module connects to every student's Spartan Experience Record housed within My Spartan Story. My Spartan Story documents undergraduate learning experiences that occur outside of the classroom.  

What information do I need to submit a research experience?

Before submitting your experience, check with the mentor or supervisor of your research to determine if the activity has already been submitted. The activity encompasses the entire lab/project/team/etc. You will need the following information for each submission:

  • Project title and description (The project title and description should be the same for all students working with the faculty member)
  • Category (research or creativity)    
  • Research Mentor or Principle Investigator contact information    
  • Project website if applicable    
  • Academic tags (keywords that best describe the research)  

How do students submit a research experience?

1. Login to My Spartan Story using your MSU NetID and password. Choose the Undergraduate Research Experience tab to begin entering your submission. 

2. Select the academic year, organization, and department the research was conducted in.  

3. Select the activity (lab/team/project) your position is housed in. If your activity has not been submitted, please collaborate with your research mentor to do so.  

4. Enter the required information detailed above.  

5. Select up to five learning outcomes applicable to your position. Learning outcomes are specific skillsets students gained from participating in research.  

6. Enter your validator and activity owner information. Your validator is your direct supervisor. Your activity owner is your research mentor in charge of your overall project. The validator and activity owner can be the same person.   

7. Submit your experience!  

How can research mentors help students submit an experience?

There are two ways research mentors can help with the process detailed below.

1. Contact Faleesia Willis (willisfa@msu.edu) in the. Undergraduate Research Office. She can enter research and creative activities to ease the process of students' submission. The information we will ask for includes the following:

  • Description of the overarching team, study, lab. etc.  
  • Academic department where the activity is housed  
  • Website for research if applicable  

2. Research mentors can submit an experience on behalf of their students by following the same instructions noted above.  

Running into issues?

Please contact Faleesia Willis at willisfa@msu.edu.