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Think research only happens with test tubes and computers? Studio Art major Anthony Reach paints a very different picture, literally. Discover how the studio can become the artist's laboratory.


Produced By
Office of the Provost—Undergraduate EducationMichigan State University
Associate Provist for Undergraduate Education
Douglas Estry, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Undergraduate Research
Korine Steinke Wawrzynski Ph.D.
Amol Pavangadkar
Executive Producer
Bob Albers
Gary Reid
Kyle Haan
Media Interface Designer
Michael Jordan
Principal Videographers
Frank Geist
Kyle Haan
Amol Pavangadkar
Kyle Haan
Frank Geist
Kyle Haan
Harry Moroz
Tyler Tagami
Cory Garcia
Jason Bibbings
Tychele Turner
Kurtis Greelings
Megan Block
Anthony Reach
Andrea Minella
Adekunbi Adelakun
Kristen Lee
Alex Lindsey
Karen Friderici, Ph.D
Joey Houston, Ph.D
Ross Emmett, Ph.D
Jason Kilgore, Ph.D
Natalie Trottier, Ph.D
Stephen Cendrowski, Ph.D
Geri Alumit Zeldes, Ph.D
Brian Kusch
Juan Ramirez
Nathan Sharp
Special Thanks
Janet Lillie, Ph.D
Rich Tibbals

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