Rachel  Beard headshot
This experience has allowed me to expand my writing skills, my reading comprehension skills, and my public speaking skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the MSU School of Journalism because I have enjoyed working with a wide variety of researchers, including doctoral candidates in my department, professors from other departments, and even professors from other universities.

Journalism and Computer Science

Research Topic: Media Coverage of Donald Trump's Twitter Graduation Year: 2018

Beard’s research project examined how Donald Trump’s use of Twitter affected the ways in which journalists covered his campaign and his presidency. As president, Trump has attacked mainstream media sources describing them as "fake news", and has limited his direct contact with the press by shying away from traditional press conferences, and instead using his Twitter as the primary method of communication. Her research showed that Trump had influence over what the media covered. Though his control is not absolute, journalists should be careful not to allow the president influence their reporting decisions too heavily.