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My advice is don't let lack of experience stop you from getting involved. It can be intimidating to start research, especially if you haven't had much experience in a lab before, but if you have a genuine interest in a topic and are willing to learn, that is what is most important and will help you thrive in research.

Genomics and Molecular Genetics

Research Topic: Effects of Oxybenzone on Epithelial Ductal Development in Murine Mammary Glands Graduation Year: 2023

Calista studied Oxybenzone (benzophenone-3; BP-3), [which] is a putative endocrine disrupting chemical, and common ingredient in sunscreens and many personal care products. Given the prevalence of BP-3 exposure, published evidence that BP-3 is an endocrine disrupting chemical, and the lab’s previous studies showing that a high-fat diet can promote breast cancer, Busch investigated the effects of BP-3 and diet on the ductal development of mammary glands in mice. Preliminary findings suggest the withdrawal of BP-3 can induce regression of mammary gland development and that diet has an impact on the development of mammary glands.