Brittany  Bush headshot
My favorite part is learning from my faculty advisor and graduate students in the lab. It helps expand your knowledge in ways you never would have imagined. Interactions go beyond the science and into learning about their cultures and how other schools may do things at the undergraduate level.

Mechanical Engineering and Pre-Med

Research Topic: An Initial Investigation of Octopus Arm Movements for Applications to Hand Prosthetics Graduation Year: 2023

Many people suffer injuries that result in amputation, and having a prosthetic can make it easier to return to a “normal” way of life. However, current prosthetics are bulky and require a lot of power to control. Bush investigated the movements of octopus arms to better understand the fluidity of movement and simplicity of control. Her research group used a motion capture system to observe and quantify how the octopus moves. Specifically, the curvature of the arms to understand the range of motion during simple crawling motions was assessed. This initial aspect of the study solidified the techniques using underwater motion capture system in order to continue to understand different movements of the octopus along with how specific nerves control the motion. By using the octopus as a model, Bush and her research team hope to make an easier-to-use prosthetic.