Ky Chimrak headshot
I have had a chance to work through challenges of time differences, cultural differences, and different experiences in the field. I gained loads of new perspectives, including those that are opposite to mine.


Research Topic: Learning from Genders: The Most Efficient Stock Investment Decisions Graduation Year: 2023

Research Experience


  • Global supply chain disruption during COVID-19


  • The effects of gender on investment risk and return
  • Dam effect on Luang Prabang heritage and the economy


  • Conducting interviews
  • Creataing surveys
  • Literature review
  • Stocktrak simulations
  • Statistical analysis and writing code, including R-studio and Tableau

Campus Involvement

  • Peer Mentorship Chair, International Scholars Advisory Board Community, 2021-present
  • Treasurer, MSU Thai Student Association, 2020-present
  • Member, Residential Business Community, 2019

Post-Graduation Plans

  • Graduate school (research focused)