Alexis  Furkioti headshot
We truly enjoyed the collaborative team efforts in defining who we are as a brand. Our MI Diaries team is equipped with students from several unique disciplinary backgrounds and hearing unique perspectives from everyone involved is what has benefited this research project, and our research experience, the most.

Advertising Management

Research Topic: MI Diaries: The Development of a Research Project as a Brand Graduation Year: 2022

Furkioti and Rechsteiner’s research showcased how a sociolinguistic research study can be developed into a brand through defining brand statements, strategy, visual identity, and applications of these elements to social media and non-profit organizations. Through collaborative team initiatives, such as word association, critical thinking, and guiding questions, the MI Diaries research team was able to craft a brand to attract and retain participants in a longitudinal study, build rapport between the research team and their participants, and establish a virtual community of Michigan diarists. This research is important because it allowed for the use of brand management practices to create a brand identity out of something that is not traditionally branded in order to help longitudinal studies actively recruit participants and succeed.