Jessie Greatorex headshot
Research can sound intimidating, but it isn't all extensive work and analysis. It is more about exploring and collecting information on a question that is intriguing to you.


Research Topic: What Does TikTok Reveal When Observing Content Related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Graduation Year: 2023

Research Experience


• Examining the social communication outcomes for autistic children participating in a parent-mediated intervention


• Systematic review on the effects of learning collaboratives on health care settings

• Qualitative study on the representation of ASD on the social media platform TikTok


• Conducting interviews and creating surveys

• Working with human subjects

• Preparing literature reviews

• Qualitative content analysis

• Use of multilevel modeling within single-case experimental designs

Campus Involvement

• Mental Health Chair, Kappa Delta Sorority, 2020-2021

• Student Ambassador, Senior Ambassador Volunteer Program, 2021-present

Post-Graduation Plans

Graduate school