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The world is a big place with a lot of stuff happening. If you want to get involved with research, look at what things you care about, what groups or agencies work with them, and reach out. Sometimes, it's that simple.


Research Topic: Addressing Underserved Communities From the Judiciary: A Qualitative Study Graduation Year: 2023

Gabe's Peer Advising Hours


This past year, Gurule served as a transition manager for a newly-elected judge. After her election, Gurule’s team sought to develop a team of community stakeholders and experts on the criminal justice system to figure out how to best implement campaign goals and restorative justice practices. Through a process of regular meetings with uniform guiding questions, they addressed topics of concern to the community. By taking the time to work with local stakeholders—sometimes on opposing sides of the same issue—Gurule was able to learn how broad problems can affect local life. At times, he found that the most effective solutions to problems were obstructed by personalities or a lack of funding. Other times, someone's first-hand experiences could illustrate a gap in a program that no one else had considered.