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Don't be afraid to reach out to professors if you have an idea for research. Do some work before you meet with them to prepare.


Research Topic: Is Normalcy or Solidarity More Effective in Reducing Mental Health Stigma? Graduation Year: 2022

Issi's Peer Advising Hours


Research Experience


  • Evaluating if normalcy versus solidarity messaging is more effective in reducing mental health stigma


  • n/a


  • Conducting intervention studies, including longitudinal studies with pre- and post-surveys
  • Creating surveys and coding qualitative data
  • Literature review and writing research papers
  • Contributing to study design

Campus Involvement

  • Scholar and Public Relations Recruitment Leader, Social Science Scholars Program, 2018-present
  • Recruitment Officer and President, Senior Ambassador Program, 2020-present

Post-Graduation Plans

  • Gap year/internship
  • Professional school