Morgan Roegner headshot
My favorite part of research is the collaborative process of analyzing results to see if your trials worked. It is very nice to see all your hard work pay off and to start planning how to improve the experiment to provide better or more desired results.

Human Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Research Topic: The Role of Genistein and Exercise in Maintaining Bone Health Graduation Year: 2023

Research Experience


  • Micro-computed tomography bone reconstruction and analysis to explore microbial impact on bone health


  • Gut lumen analysis for stained proteins
  • Osteoblast medium growth and analysis


  • Conducting experiments and contributing to study design
  • Lab maintenance and preparing chemical reagents
  • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Molecular biology techniques, including PCR, mass spectroscopy, and RNA extraction 
  • Animal subject dissection, sample collection, tissue fixation, and cell culture maintenance 
  • Micro-computed tomography

Campus Involvement

  • Secretary, Pre-Street Medicine Organization, 2021-present
  • Professional Development Chair, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 2021-present
  • President, Euchre Club, 2019-present

Post-Graduation Plans

Professional School