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UURAF presentation times announced

All presentations submitted for UURAF 2015 have been assigned a time and room location. You can look up your presentation time in the UURAF on-line directory by entering the last name of a presenter. With more than 760 students presenting, there is little flexibility regarding schedules. However, if you cannot present at your assigned time, please contact the Undergraduate Research Office at or 517-884-1559. Scheduling requests must be received by Wednesday, March 18 in order to be considered.

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Preparing Poster Presentations

April 01 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
106 Bessey Hall

A presentation poster requires a very different approach than a research report on the same work. You need to be visually appealing, draw in your reader, and convey your purpose and findings in a concise, direct manner. Dr. Tom Wolff, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, has judged engineering project posters for many years. He will speak about layout, communication, and people`s perceptions of typeface and graphic design. Workshop participants will review examples of posters - both good and not-so-good - and consider common pitfalls. Discussion of the function of a poster session as a vehicle for sharing your work with visitors and judges will conclude the workshop. Sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Office. For more information, contact us via email or phone at 517-884-4384.

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