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National Undergraduate Research Week will happen on April 20-24 and MSU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity invites all students to participate!!! Below are the planned activities--we hope you will join in on the fun. 

  • Undergraduate Research at Michigan State University bingo! Take a screen shot and share your bingo card, tag us @ur_at_msu and use #virtualurweek2020 

  • Join us Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Instagram @ur_at_msu for live interviews with Undergraduate Research Ambassadors! 

Monday, April 20 – Visit our MediaSpace channel and watch our virtual undergraduate research workshops. We are offering two workshops: (1) What is Undergraduate Research and (2) Finding Your Research Opportunity.

Tuesday, April 21 – Although we were not able to host UURAF, we still want to recognize all participants. Visit our website at to read this year’s UURAF abstracts! Feel free to share your abstract with your community, and do not forget to tag us @ur_at_msu and use #virtualurweek2020

Wednesday, April 22 – Share a picture of you and your research mentor! We will be announcing the winners of this year’s Research Mentor of the Year! Make sure to tag us @ur_at_msu and use #virtualurweek2020

Thursday, April 23 – It is social media explosion day for Undergraduate Research Week and we will be announcing the cover for Mid-SURE 2020!!!

Friday, April 24 – Concluding an undergraduate research experience? Stay tuned for tips on how to close out your experience.  

And, learn more about how Undergraduate Research has helped Undergraduate Research Ambassador, Melissa Bush identify her career path!  

For more information regarding national Undergraduate Research Week, visit CUR’s page. Make sure to follow us on Facebook @urmsu, Twitter @ur_at_msu and Instagram @ur_at_msu.