As graduation season commences, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity would like to congratulate graduating ambassadors and wish them well on their next steps!

Gabby Huizinga is graduating with degrees in Microbiology and Genomics & Molecular Genetics. In her years at MSU, Gabby immersed herself in research. Gabby worked on research with assistant professor Andrew Olive studying how animals and humans interact with invading bacteria or viruses that cause tuberculosis. In addition, Gabby studied toxic chemicals produced from incinerated waste. Following her successful career at MSU, Gabby will pursue her PhD in Immunology at University of Michigan through the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) umbrella program.

Jasmine Czajka is graduating with a degree in Zoology and a minor in Marine Ecosystem Management. Jasmine contributed to research at MSU through analyzing the impact of fertilized cropland on the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. In her final semester at MSU, Jasmine studied abroad in New Zealand with Conservation Medicine Program where she designed and conducted a mammal tracking research project to inform local communities of bird predators in the area. Following graduation, Jasmine plans to volunteer at the Animal Rescue Project of Kalamazoo to gain further experience before applying to veterinary school.

Maddie Bross is graduating with a degree in Neuroscience. For the majority of her undergraduate career, Maddie worked in the MSU Sleep and Learning Lab with Dr. Fenn examining how sleep affects learning. Following graduation, Maddie will continue her research career as a research assistant at Wayne State University’s University Health Center where she will study cognitive deficits associated with multiple sclerosis.

Kyleigh Buckley is graduating with a degree in Genomics & Molecular Genetics. Kyleigh worked in three labs while at MSU. She developed a diagnostic test to detect a pathogen in Japanese Beetles, she ran efficacy tests for pesticide companies through entomology fieldwork, and she studied the effects of mutations in a gene that may cause cleft lip and palate. After graduation, Kyleigh will pursue her Masters in Biomedical Informatics through an online program with the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to continuing her education, Kyleigh will be working as an Application Support Associate with Sparrow Hospital.  

Brandon Llewellyn is graduating with a degree in Physiology. During his time at MSU, Brandon worked in the Gallo Lab researching cellular signaling in breast and lung cancer cells. His research was relevant to finding new targets for cancer treatment therapy. Following graduation, Brandon will attend Western Michigan University for medical school.  

Katie Edwards is graduating with degrees in Psychology and Comparative Cultures & Politics, with a minor in Cognitive Science. While at MSU, Katie assisted in psychology research on campus, including the Timing and Perception Lab and Social Cognition Lab. In addition, Katie participated in two study abroad research experiences in the Andes and Switzerland. Following graduation, Katie will start a two-year, post-undergraduate fellowship with the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of Michigan with Dr. Hemstead.

Congratulations to all!