Congratulations on your decision to explore involvement in undergraduate research. Michigan State offers a variety of opportunities for involvement in research and creative activities, spanning all colleges and disciplines. Finding the right fit usually takes time, patience, and sometimes assistance from someone in the know. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Research is for Everyone

No matter your major, background, or experience — there are undergraduate research opportunities for you at MSU. Many people think research is limited to scientists, but in truth it's an exciting pursuit that spans all fields, from business to the arts. Of course, if science is your passion then research is for you, as well. Whether you're just getting started at MSU as a freshman or entering your final year as a senior, there are plenty of opportunities at MSU to get involved in research.

Start Building Your Network

As a student researcher, you'll meet a lot of new faces. Undergrad research provides a unique opportunity to form professional relationships with the professors, mentors, and other students you work with — something that is harder to do inside the classroom. Research mentors often write letters of recommendation to be leveraged for future jobs, and fellow students can open doors down the road after graduation. You never know what career opportunities your time at MSU will unlock in the future.

Earn a Deeper Understanding

Research allows you to take on projects that you wouldn't normally be exposed to in the classroom. You learn more about research methods and processes, but you also gain a more complete understanding of any given subject matter or major-related topic. Having undergraduate research experience under your belt can open exciting doors after graduation.

Get Involved

Undergraduate research is a thrilling experience that exposes you to knowledge, discovery, and development. Make the most of your time at MSU — find a research opportunity that excites you.