Our Mission

The undergraduate research program at Michigan State University (MSU) strives to

  • increase opportunities for MSU students to engage in scholarship,
  • expand the pool of faculty and partners engaging undergraduate students in their scholarly work, and
  • better understand the impact of this engagement on student learning and retention.

Using a multi-faceted approach, we seek to capitalize on the strengths of faculty and existing programs while offering new opportunities commensurate with the culture and research methodologies of different academic disciplines.

Undergraduate Education

The Undergraduate Research Office at Michigan State University is nested within the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. We strive to support the work of faculty and students across the campus by collaborating to develop, promote, enhance, and assess undergraduate research and creative activities at MSU.

Research at Michigan State

Michigan State's mission statement commits the University to "conducting research of the highest caliber that seeks to answer questions and create solutions in order to expand human understanding and make a positive difference, both locally and globally." In keeping with its Land Grant heritage, research at MSU is often connected to broader issues facing Michigan, the nation, and the world, and is intended to make a contribution to society.

Michigan State is renowned nationally for its support for undergraduate researchers, with programs, funding, and support services available to assist students across the colleges.