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Featuring MSU undergraduate student work or work in progress on issues of diversity that advance inclusion. 


2021 DRS Program (PDF File)

Poster presentations may be accessed using the Symposium platform at the following link:

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Oral presentations were shared live during the DRS on Friday, January 22 from 3:00-5:00PM EST via Zoom. While sessions were not recorded, the awards ceremony may be viewed at the following link: DRS Awards Ceremony. 


Thanks to generous donations from our program sponsors, award amounts have been increased for 2021!

1st Prize – $700

2nd Prize – $500

3rd Prize – $300

Additional 2 awards of $300/each for students in the preliminary stages of conducting research and 2 awards of $200/each to students showing outstanding research promise. 

Information about the 2021 DRS award winners to follow. Read more about our 2020 DRS award winners. (Research Ambassadors Jasmine Jordan and Wisdom Henry both earned first last year for their research projects). 

Poster Presentations

1st Prize - Aalayna Green - Applied Experiential Feminist Applications in Experiential Education Courses

2nd Prize - Alanna de Sibour - Parent Perceptions of Intimate Relationship Experiences of Adults within Intellectual Disabilities: Comparisons with Typically Developing Siblings

3rd Prize - Taylor Anderson, Terra Dunn, and Megan Wertz - Reasons for Alcohol & Substance Use in TGD Populations