We wish you all the best of luck for the upcoming endeavors in the next chapter of your lives! Congratulations and Thank You for all of your hard work and dedication!

Marissa Cortright: Graduated with a degree in Neuroscience and Criminal Justice. Research Topic: Patient and Public Perceptions of the Invasiveness of Psychiatric Electroceutical Interventions

Maria Berry: Graduated with a degree in Microbiology. Research Topic: Identifying Signals of Septic Contamination in Groundwater Microbial Communities of the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed

Alyssa Fritz: Graduated with a degree in communication. Research Topic: Impact of Sentence Length on Lip Contact Pressure in People with Parkinson’s Disease

Aneeqa Hasan: Graduated with a degree in Neuroscience. Research Topic: The Influence of Probiotics Treatment on Maternal Brain Serotonin Levels and Postpartum Socioemotional Behaviors

Issi John: Graduated with a degree in Psychology. Research Topic: Is Normalcy or Solidarity More Effective in Reducing Mental Health Stigma?

Martina Yen: Graduated with a degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science. Research Topic: The Role of HDAC9 Inhibition in Cerebral Hypo perfusion Associated Cognitive Decline and Neuroinflammation