UR@MSU is a newsletter created for the research mentors of our undergraduate researchers. Its goal is to make faculty, post -docs, graduate students, and staff aware of the many university resources and professional development opportunities available for our undergraduate researchers and their mentors. The newsletter is distributed once each semester.

Very active and robust undergraduate research communities exist across the university. Academic year and summer research, scholarship, and creative activity opportunities are available for undergraduates in all 14 colleges that offer undergraduate degrees. Learn more about our summer networking dinners and summer research forum, Mid-SURE in this issue.

Across the disciplines, quality mentoring is a critical component to having a positive research experience. The time spent with your student researchers— providing feedback on their work, discussing current research in your field, and advising on career choices and graduate school—has a tremendous impact on our students. Thank you for supporting our undergraduate students.

To read the full newsletter, view the PDF attached below

Download Fall 2013 Newsletter.pdf