BPS Room 1425

Are you a BIPOC undergraduate student wondering what it is like to be a BIPOC STEM graduate student or a BIPOC STEM graduate student who wants to share their experience with a BIPOC undergraduate student aspiring to become a STEM graduate student? Come join us for our community chat meeting on Friday, Dec. 10th at 6 pm in BPS RM1425! Our community chat is an unstructured space where graduate students can share answers to questions such as "What did you wish you knew before going into grad school? What do you enjoy the most and the least about your graduate school experience so far?" and undergraduate students can talk about "What got you interested in graduate school? What makes you look forward to thinking about attending graduate school and what are some questions you have about graduate school life?" and expand from there! 

Register at tinyurl.com/VOCDEC10

Registered by Friday, Dec. 3rd to secure food. This event is kindly sponsored by the College of Natural Science.