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Ask questions and utilize resources. Research is something that is very difficult to do on your own. Getting help and feedback is vital to the research process.

Actuarial Science

Research Topic: Suicide Thoughts and Plans of Adolescents Experiencing Brief Depressive Spells Graduation Year: 2024

Research Experience


    • The Impact of religion on adolescents experiencing brief depressive spells 


    • The difference in prevalence of suicidal ideation in teens of different race/ethnicity subgroups

    • The effect of different sound frequencies on plant growth 


    • Pulling relevant data from a database

    • Meta-analysis

    • Literature Review 

Campus Involvement

    • Undergraduate Research 

    • Actuarial Science Club 

    • Glee Club 

    • Campus Band 

Post-Graduation Plans

    • Start my career as an actuary, hopefully on the Property and Casualty track