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Reach out to as many people as you can and pursue whatever field of research most interests you. The URCA office is a great place to start.


Research Topic: Influences of prenatal characteristics on maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index and the impact on maternal fecal microbial communities Graduation Year: 2024

Research Experience


    • Maternal pre-pregnancy BMI associations to prenatal characteristics and impact on fecal bacterial communities


    • Nutritional trends within a Michigan cohort of mothers and their infants

    • Mental health diagnosis in relation to changes within the vaginal microbiome

Experience With

    • Preforming wet-lab techniques, including DNA extraction, PCR, and gel electrophoresis

    • Writing code to preform statistical analysis in R-Studio

    • Creating surveys and inputting medical forms for data entry 

    • Conducting literature reviews and writing research papers

    • Presenting findings at both a national and local level

Campus Involvement

    • Co-President for MEDLIFE

    • CHAARG

    • MSU Adaptive Sports Club

Post-Graduation Plans

• Medical School