Jacob Rutkowski headshot
There's research at MSU in almost any field imaginable. If you want to research something or get involved in a field that may not even be your major, just go out and find it.

Computer Science

Research Topic: The Pedestrian Project Graduation Year: 2023

Research Experience


  • Ethics of automated vehicles in trolley problem scenarios


  • Studying interactions between pedestrians and automated vehicles using gamified research
  • Using gamified research to study effective waste management in urban environments


  • Designing video game content
  • Using software engineering principles to write code for gamified research
  • Working with human subjects through surveys and interviews
  • Conducting literature reviews and statistical analyses of data

Campus Involvement

  • Member, Running Club, 2020-present
  • Member, HC IMPACT, 2020
  • Member, Honors College First Year Council, 2021

Post-Graduation Plans