Acquiring funding is part of the research process. Faculty diligently search and compete for limited resources. To help with the process, consider the following suggestions:

  • Each undergraduate college receives funding from the Undergraduate Research Office to support student research. Refer to the College Resource page to learn about the application process for your respective college.
  • Talk with your faculty mentor for ideas about professional organizations or agencies related to your work. Sometimes these organizations offer scholarships and grants to undergraduate students.
  • Be prepared to “cobble” together your funding—you may not find one source to provide all of your funding. However, you might find an office or several smaller grants that might pay for a portion of your expenses. Make sure to prepare a spreadsheet that outlines your anticipated expenses.
  • Search these websites for additional funding opportunities:

Undergraduate Student Travel Support

Requests for student travel support are suspended until further notice due to budget limitations.

However, funding may be available for Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) events and programs. Please contact Heather Dover if you are selected to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or are selected for the Scholars Transforming Through Research (STR) Advocacy Program. We will evaluate whether funding is available at that time. Please also list Heather Dover as the MSU Undergraduate Research Coordinator on your NCUR or STR application. 

Entrepreneurial Undergraduate Research

The Gerstacker Foundation Entrepreneurial Grant Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students from the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines to compete for funding for a research concept with entrepreneurial potential. Students will develop a concept, conduct the research, and present their findings with the goal of getting their concept into use or production. Interested students should contact Paul Jaques, Director of Student and Community Engagement at Spartan Innovations, by email or call 517-884-4548. For more detailed program information visit The Hatch.

Undergraduate Research Education Abroad Program Scholarship

The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (APUE) and the Office for Education Abroad provides financial support for undergraduate MSU students to participate in approved accredited study abroad programs that have an undergraduate research component. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher at the time of application and have applied for a research study abroad program.

To be considered, submit your application and essay to the MSU Office for Education Abroad by the following application deadlines:

  • October 1 for spring programs
  • March 1 for summer & fall and academic year programs

Scholarships of $500 will be awarded to recipients chosen by a scholarship review committee. For spring program applicants, winners will notified in early November. Winners will be announced in early April for summer, fall and academic year programs.

If you have questions about the application process or award, contact Benjamin Ladd, MSU Office for Education Abroad,


CUR Trimmer Travel Fund Award

The Council on Undergraduate Research’s Trimmer Travel Fund Award will support arts and humanities undergraduate scholars in presenting their research at professional meetings.

Fulbright Programs

Pursue undergraduate research and creative scholarship through the Fulbright Program. Study and research in over 160 partner countries. Contact Joy Campbell at to learn more. Post-bac opportunities are also available.

Funding Opportunities for Undergraduate Students of Classics, Ancient History, Art History, and Archaeology

A listing of funding opportunities for students and teachers currated by the Society for Classical Studies.

National/International Fellowships and Scholarships

Apply for prestigious national and international awards to fund your education and research! All MSU students are eligible to apply. Deadlines and requirements vary. For more information, contact the NIFS Office at or call 517-884-7650.

NSF Broader Impacts

List of MSU undergraduate resources that help address NSF Broader Impacts

Pathways to Science

Pathways to Science lists research and funding opportunities for all levels of students with an interest in STEM fields from K-12 through graduate school (including programs for post-baccalaureates and post-doctoral fellows).