Special Instructions for UURAF 2023 Performance Presentations

Details about the event and presentation requirements will be provided before January 2023

UURAF 2023 will be a hybrid event consisting of oral, poster, performance, exhibit and film presentations. UURAF is a public event. Do not share confidential information in your abstract or presentation.

Performance Presentations

Performance demonstrations allow students to present their scholarship through the production or performance of artistic work such as dance, music, or theater. Every reasonable effort will be made to preserve the integrity of each performance.

The time and location of presentations will be sent to the coordinating presenter well in advance of the event. There will be a 3-5 minute discussion period following each presentation for the judge and audience to ask questions.

The following equipment may be available to students participating in-person: small stage area, laptop with at least one USB port and speakers. Due to time constraints, students may not use their own computers. Please note: The Breslin Center does not permit affixing anything to the walls, floors, doors, door frames, staging, stage curtains, draperies or ceilings with nails, staples, tape or any other substance. The use of paint, glitter, crepe paper, confetti, and other similar materials is also not permitted. Additional lighting (i.e., spotlights) beyond what is already in the room is not available.


  • Create a performance presentation lasting less than 15 minutes (including a brief introduction to set the framework of the presentation)
  • Prepare and practice
  • Share your work with visitors and judges
  • Participate in 3-5 minute discussion period following your presentation


  • Create and record a video of the performance; less than 15 minutes is recommended.
  • Prepare and record a 2 to 5 minute video describing the performance, exhibit, or demonstration
  • Upload presentation and performance pitch to YouTube as an unlisted video
  • Enable the closed captioning feature to promote accessibility and inclusivity
  • Add abstract and links for unlisted YouTube videos to the UURAF event on Symposium by ForagerOne
  • Participate in virtual discussions with visitors and judges

Presentation Tips: