UURAF Presenter Portal

Registration open January 11 - February 10, 2022

Information Required to Register

Students will need to have the following information prepared in order to register for the forum:

  • Coordinating Presenter (designated student who will be responsible for program) -- Name and MSU NetID
  • Additional Presenters (if applicable) -- Name and MSU NetID. Please add only undergraduate student co-presenters. We highly encourage groups to limit their size to 4 or fewer student presenters.
  • Mentor(s) (faculty, staff, and/or graduate student) -- Name and MSU NetID. Please contact us for assistance if your mentor is not from MSU.
  • Presentation Information -- Title of presentation, type (i.e., oral, poster, performance, or virtual), category, abstract (draft version accepted at registration), and any special requests (accommodation requests, etc.).

Helpful Tips:

  • View our step-by-step registration guide - coming soon
  • Presentation title -- Titles provide a succinct introduction to your research. Select a title that helps the audience obtain a general idea of your presentation topic.  Avoid technical words or jargon.  Do not use special characters (e.g. Greek letters) or course number (e.g., UGS 200H) in the title.
  • Abstract -- Abstracts are limited to 250 words in length, in a single paragraph with no headings or citations. Draft version accepted at time of registration--final version due later. Do not list your project title or co-authors in the abstract body. There is a separate field for presenters. Other contributors, such as your research mentor, should be noted in your PowerPoint deck (if doing an oral presentation) or after the title on your poster. We encourage all students to review their abstracts with their research mentors to make sure that copyright or intellectual property (IP) issues are not a factor.
  • Category -- Review the categories and their respective descriptions. Consult your research mentor if you're unsure of which category to select. Categories that have less then 5 entries will be moved to a related category. 
  • Off Campus Research -- Students who have conducted research off campus can also participate in UURAF. Please contact us for assistance if your mentor is not from MSU.
  • Performance Presentation Type -- We use a very broad definition of performance. In addition to the traditional sense of musical and theatrical performance, spoken word, and other similar products are included in this presentation type.
  • Virtual Presentation Type -- Documentary films, visual art exhibitions, demonstrations, and other similar products should select this presentation type to preserve the integrity of your work. Poster, oral, and performance presentations may also select this option for personal or health and safety needs. Please note: virtual presentation materials will be due in late March due to event logistics.

Presentation Confirmation

Once you have submitted your registration, you will immediately receive a confirmation email sent to your MSU account (Note: if you forward your MSU email to a Gmail account, it is likely the confirmation email will be in your spam folder). If you do not receive an email, your registration has not been submitted properly and you should submit it again.

Presentation Time

Approximately 3 weeks after registration closes, you will receive an email indicating the time and location of your presentation (if applicable). You are responsible for reviewing this information in a timely manner and contacting the MSU Undergraduate Research Office if you have a conflict.  We try our best to work out class conflicts with advance notice.

Additional Tips

  • If you get a "Bad Request" error on the registration website, please clear your cache and cookies, then try again.
  • Due to scheduling and space constraints, students may only participate in a maximum of two (2) UURAF programs. The programs must be distinct from each other (i.e. different titles and abstracts). 
  • We try our best to honor requests for rescheduling your presentation time. You can optimize your chances by requesting the change as soon as possible after you receive notification.
  • NOTE: Only currently enrolled MSU undergraduate students or students who have graduated in December immediately prior to UURAF are eligible to participate.