Each Mid-SURE category is assigned at least one evaluator who is familiar with the respective field. We try to assign no more than six presentations per section so that the evaluator has ample time to provide constructive feedback. A few sections may have several evaluators, so some students may receive feedback from multiple perspectives.

What to Expect During the Event

There is a great deal of activity happening throughout the event. An information desk is located on the first floor and is a good resource for answering questions during the in-person event.  Contact the Undergraduate Research Office with questions prior to the forum.

Evaluators will be sent instructions by email. Evaluators will provide feedback to the student presenters through an online survey.

When providing feedback, please remember our commitment to advancing a culture of respect at MSU, and that you uphold our values for advancing student learning and success.

Sign Up to Evaluate

More details will be available in July 2023.

Sample Evaluation

You can see a sample evaluation sheet here

Questions? Call 517-884-4384 or email ugrsrch@msu.edu.