Each UURAF category is assigned a judge who is familiar with the respective field. Categories with multiple sections (i.e., biochemistry may have 4 sections of posters) will each be assigned a separate judge. We try to have one faculty judge per 6-8 students so that each judge has ample time to evaluate each project. Graduate students, research associates/postdoctoral fellows, and academic and support staff members will also be visiting presentations and offering feedback to presenters. 

When providing feedback, please remember our commitment to advancing a culture of respect, awareness, and compassion at MSU.

What Students can Expect from Judges

Judges will view your presentation and may ask questions about your research and scholarship. For in-person presentations, judges may ask questions at your poster or at the end of your exhibit or performance presentation. For online presentations, questions may come through a chat function or a discussion session on the event website (Symposium by ForagerOne). We encourage you to respond to questions from judges and visitors promptly.


Judges will be sent instructions by email. All judging materials will be located online. Each judge must complete their evaluations and ranking by 5:00 PM on April 12, 2024, so the Undergraduate Research staff can prepare for the award ceremony. There can only be one first-place winner within each section. When providing feedback, please remember our commitment to advancing a culture of respect, awareness, and compassion at MSU

Sign Up to Judge

Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like by March 28. Be sure to scroll through all the options, and select only 1 option per time slot.

Prefer to sign up for opportunities without using SignUpGenius? Contact us at ugrsrch@msu.edu for assistance.

Judging Criteria

Presentations will be evaluated on the delivery of the research or creative activity.  A five-point scale is used to judge each criterion: 1 = poor/not addressed; 2 = fair; 3 = good; 4 = great; and 5 = exceptional.  Review this sample judge form to learn more.

Judge Directions

  • Evaluations Onsite at Breslin Center - link coming soon
  • Evaluations Online at Symposium - link coming soon
  • Selecting First Place Winners - link coming soon


Volunteers play a vital role in helping us facilitate a successful UURAF experience for our presenters and our visitors. We invite faculty, academic specialists, support staff, research associates/post-docs, and graduate students to volunteer with the UURAF Planning Team.

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Presenter Check-In Table - link coming soon