UURAF Award Ceremony

Save the Date: The 2024 UURAF Award Ceremony will be held on April 17, 2024 from 3:30 - 4:45 PM in the MSUFCU Club, 4th floor of Spartan Stadium

Student presenters will be notified via email after the forum concludes and asked to RSVP. The award ceremony is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Research mentors, friends, and family members are encouraged to attend.

Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities. Direct requests for accommodations to Heather Dover, Coordinator for Undergraduate Research (doverhea@msu.edu, 517-884-1558). Requests received after April 10, 2024 will be honored whenever possible.


To recognize exemplary scholarly achievements, monetary prizes will be awarded. One first-place award ($100; group presentations of more than 4 people will evenly split $400) will be given in each presentation category. (Note: only undergraduate student presenters are eligible for awards. Student presenters without RCR training are not eligible.) First-place award recipients, whether in an oral, poster, performance, film or exhibit presentation, are eligible to submit their work for consideration for the UURAF Grand Prize, a $500 award. All materials submitted for the UURAF Grand Prize must comply with grand prize guidelines. Honors College staff members will review submissions. A total of two grand prizes ($500 each) will be awarded to one program from the science, engineering, and mathematics related categories and one program from the arts, humanities, and social sciences related categories. Group presentations will evenly split the prize money. Grand prize recipients will be notified by mid-June.

2023 Grand Prize Recipients

Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Grand Prize: Elena Sheperd and Hannah Calender, Michigan Prohibition

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Grand Prize (tie): Harrison Nabors, Characterization of CDKN2A/p16 as a Tumor-Specific Promoter

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Grand Prize (tie): Alyssa Mollema and Caz Schwennesen, Evaluating the Effects of Climate Change-Inspired Heat Waves on the Coevolutionary Relationship Between Common Milkweed (Asclepias) and Monarch Butterflies (Danaus Plexippus)

Past Award Recipients

Past UURAF Program Books as well as lists of past UURAF award recipients are available in the past forums section of this website.